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As well as the Library Security Solutions range of tagging detection systems, we can supply additional security services and measures to give round-the-clock protection.

In general, we look to undertake a security audit of you operation, before recommending the best solution. This takes into account various factors such as line of sight, exits, clustering or dispersing features, and so forth.

The tagging systems will operate independently, or can be part of a wider security strategy. Our systems can integrate with CCTV or access control technology, for example.

The tagging system will always be the backbone of a security strategy, however.

Other items in the facility apart from books can also be tagged in their own right, such as computer equipment training aids, display materials and so forth.


Library Security Solutions provides complete security solutions, giving round-the-clock protection. This may include:

  • Access Control (such as key-pad or card-swipe)
  • CCTV

For full details of our CCTV solutions, please click here.

For details on the three conceptual methods of operating a security system in uk, please contact us


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