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Library Security Solutions Radio Frequency (RF) systems employ the latest generation electronics, offering performance levels way ahead of other technology.

Recent developments in Digital Signal Processing and Background Cancellation Suppression allow our systems to perform at wider aisle distances, with unprecedented detection rates - even in the harshest environments. Virtually all layouts can be catered for.

RF systems are more compact than their electromagnetic counterparts, and are generally easier to set up. Computer equipment will not be affected by RF transmitters.

Model IT100
Height: 164cm
Width: 38cm
Finish: Chrome
Model IT200
Height: 163cm
Width: 38.7cm
Finish: Supplied in unfinished cherry wood, or with a clear varnish.
Model IT300G
Height: 173cm
Width: 42cm
Finish: Toughened safety glass.
Model IT300S
Height: 172cm
Width: 50cm
Finish: Chrome.

In association with our RF range, we are pleased to offer a Portable Tag Detector. This allows persons or items, handbags for example, ro be scanned for the presence of a live security tag. This is a convenient way of verifying an alarm condition without causing embarrassment to a user.

We also supply Patron Counters, which more and more libraries are using nowadays for collection of statistics on user numbers. These are stand-alone, quick and easy to install, and save valuable staff time.

Portable Tag Detector
Patron Counter
Our RF systems can be integrated with additional equipment, such as CCTV.
Customised systems are also available - contact us for more details


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