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EM Tags

The Library EM Tag Programme offers a wide variety of efficient EM tags and labels. This helps to ensure the handling and circulation processes are as efficient and quick as possible.

All EM tags and labels have been specifically designed to protect the expanding range of media formats. Once protected by an EM label, each application enables the safe and reliable circulation of material for an indefinite period.

The Library Security Solutions Library Tag Programme is designed to meet the individual handling and circulation requirements of all kinds of circulating systems.

Library Security Solutions EM tags and labels use a preservation approved non-acidic glue, ensuring libraries assets are protected, and enabling use with rare books and manuscripts.

RF Tags

Our competitively priced Radio Frequency tags are available in plain, dummy barcode or customised with your own logo.

Applications include:

Reference only
For libraries where some, if not all, books and journals are not required to be issued.

This is used when a library either cannot, or does not wish to, de-and re-activate the tags.

A unique tag frequency is available for this application so as not to cause alarm activations when entering retail stores with a Radio Frequency security system.



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