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Model DA 926 On-counter Deactivator and reactivator
Height: 21cm
Width: 26.5cm
Length: 41.5cm
Weight: 12kg

The Library Security Solutions EM Circulation Programme offers:

  • A multifunctional unit specially developed to be used in any library.
  • Ergonomic, efficient, ensuring optimum throughput
  • A reader detects security strip status and alerts the user via LEDs
  • Wear-resistant surface ensuring durability
Full EM circulation entails turning the security strip off and on (deactivation and reactivation) at the circulation desk. Library Security Solutionss book processing equipment is designed for easy ergonomic usage, to help streamline check-in/out procedures for all materials including CD's and audio cassettes.

The EM Circulation Programme provides circulation solutions for all types of public, university, college and specialised libraries.


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