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Our Electromagnetic systems are specially developed to be installed in any library, shop or warehouse. The streamlined designs integrate effectively into any environment.

The EM systems take full advantage of the latest advances in electromagnetic technology, both in electronic sophistication, and antenna design. They're engineered to ensure optimum protection of all secured merchandise, in any environment.

Library Security Solutions EM systems offer maximum protection for a wider variety of security labels.

Model IT5
Height: 163cm
Width: 83cm
Finish: Light grey

Customised solutions are also available to suit particular requirements and environments.

Please contact us for more details.

Library Security Solutions Electromagnetic system offers the flexibility to use subtle deactivatible strips across a wide range of library media. With aisle widths of up to a metre available, the IT5 uses the most up to date advancements in Electromagnetic technology such as Environmental Metal Blocking (EMB) and Digital Noise Suppression (DNS). This gives maximum detection at all times. As with the Radio Frequency range, the system offers audible and visual alarms and can be integrated to a wide range of accessories. The triggers are simply deactivated at the point of issue, and reactivated on return, before being put back on the shelves.

Standard finish for the IT5 is moulded grey polyurethane which is durable and easy to clean.



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