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The tagging system is the backbone of all library security strategies. But of the other options, by far the most effective is CCTV, linked into the tagging system.

The system consists of four elements:

  • The detection system
  • A camera
  • A monitor
  • A time-lapse video recorder

Commonly a 24-hour model is used, with either real-time recording, or 12 and 24 hour time-lapse. The system can record round the clock, for pre-programmed blocks of time, or manually at the press of a button.

With multiple camera arrangements, it is possible to review an incident in detail.

An indicator light indicates an incident. A pulse on the tape stops it at the right place during fast rewind. On-screen information guides you to the correct place on the film, for the last 999 incidents. Thus there is no need to review the entire film, but only those incidents which are of interest.

  • Protects material in aisles and closed areas
  • Increased protection for expensive items or special exhibits
  • Easier to monitor circulation desk activity
  • Can identify a person who caused the incident
  • Enables viewing of parking and outside areas
  • Reduces need to watch suspicious persons constantly
  • Increases productivity


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